5 day, 4 night retreat at a Tanote Villas in Koh Tao, Thailand focused on underwater movement training and technical freediving skills with 10% of all proceeds funding local ocean conservation projects. Personal underwater portraits included as well.

This destination workshop focuses on exploring the water on its own terms and includes an underwater portrait session at the end. Accommodations, transportation, and 2 meals a day included.

The curriculum includes meditation, yoga, technical freediving skills, improv dance and movement exercises, as well as underwater movement training in both the pool and open ocean.

Essentially what you’ll be learning feels like a combination of flying, meditating, and dancing; a portal into a completely different world. Beginners welcome!

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2 day, 1 evening condensed weekend workshop in Los Angeles, CA that will fit into any busy schedule. This retreat serves as an entry point into the basics of underwater movement and freediving skills, culminating in a one hour underwater portrait session with the talented photographer, Chiara Salomoni. As always 10% of all proceeds fund local ocean conservation projects.

A combination of dry studio movement exercises and pool practice finishes in a shallow water ocean session followed by a one hour photo session including two edited photos. Join us in exploring new levels of freedom in the water through this meditative embodiment practice. Beginners welcome!

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