Los Angeles

June 15-17, 2018

2 day, 1 evening underwater workshop
funding local ocean conservation efforts


Ocean-loving dance performers turned freedivers, Gabriel Forestieri and Christine Ren, have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind underwater movement training in Los Angeles, CA. Join us for this exploration of new levels of freedom, culminating in a personalized one-hour underwater photoshoot with Chiara Salomoni Photography.




This destinaton workshop focuses on underwater movement training and technical freediving skills with 10% of all proceeds funding local ocean conservation projects.

Essentially what you’ll be learning feels like a combination of flying, meditating, and dancing; a portal into a completely different world. Beginners welcome!


This course is an entry point to explore the water on its own terms – not from the shore, beach, or shallows, but to enter it completely without buoy or anchor.

We will start slow on Friday night, in the studio. Beginning with an investigation of breath and the fascial net as a way to enter into a deep, but present, calm state. This practice alone offers an amazing door into the profound wisdom of the body. From this practice we will explore apnea, confront our limits and move slowly beyond them.

On Saturday morning, we will move to the shallows of the pool, exploring hydrodynamics and the differences between swimming and dancing. We will be working in partners. Then in the afternoon back to a practice in a dance studio; working on dancing with a witness while holding our breath.

Sunday we will start work towards the deeper edges of the pool, never reaching more than 12 feet in depth. Working with the rising quality and how we can access a deep release in the midst of our own fear. There will be a lot of support at all times and there will be no pushing of limits in this phase. The stress will be on efficiency and relaxation, feeling and trusting the water.


The feeling of being submerged in water is at once meditative and exhilarating. This practice of moving in apnea offers a level of personal connection that is unparalleled. We invite divers who aren’t afraid to move, and dancers who aren’t afraid of water to join us for this special gathering to exchange skills and knowledge. Ocean- and travel-enthusiasts who are looking for a unique experience with a philanthropic component will also find our offering as a culmination of these desires.

It is acceptable for beginners but you must be able to swim and feel comfortable in water. A wetsuit, mask, and snorkel are not required but are helpful. Nose clips however are required. We will not be using fins.


Los Angeles is a teeming metropolis of creatives, and we expect that energy to infuse naturally into the fabric of this weekend training. This workshop is hosted in the historical section of San Pedro, CA near the Port of Los Angeles. Quiet streets strung with lights boast organic cafes, great restaurants, and easy access to all major highways.

Our pool practice will take place through a special partnership with a local dive shop in San Pedro, CA. Classroom and dry studio movement exercsises will be hosted within walking distance of the pool at a local yoga studio.



$1,000 per person
Includes a personal one-hour underwater portrait session
with Chiara Salomoni (2 final edited shots)

This workshop is filling fast and is first come, first serve. We’ll cap the workshop at 8-10 people so contact us now to put your 50% deposit down today.

Price above does not include your transportation costs, but does include all location, gear, training, and meal costs.


Send an email to me@christinerenfilms.com, or use the contact page, with the following information:

  • Name
  • A brief introduction including your swimming, or freediving, level
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Which workshop you’re interested in
  • How you heard about the workshop

    To reserve a spot for the retreat, a 50% deposit is required. The second installment is due May 1st, 2018. Credit and debit card payments accepted securely through Paypal or Venmo.